We’re back! New home, new kit, fantastic offers

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Hey everyone, we’re back. Sorry it’s been a bit of a delay, but life’s been taking us in lot’s of exciting directions recently. If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram you’ll know by now that we have moved to Berlin.

And if you know that city, you’ll also know that it’s perfect swimming territory. Berlin is surrounded by lakes: From our nearest swim spots, Weissensee and Orankensee, to the immense waterways of Müggelsee in the south-east. Then there’s super clear, super clean Schlachtensee, currently our favourite Berlin destination.

New gear, new colours!

We’ve also been busy working on some exciting new swim wear designs, that we’re proud to reveal for Autumn 2018. Our signature lady’s one-piece is now joined by a yoga-back one piece, a stunning leg suit and a sporty two-piece.

We’re more colourful than ever. Along with the now-famous kingfisher combo,  you can add jade green and a demure dash of hot pink-rose to your collection. Men’s jammers and shorts complete the picture. And they’re as smart and sleek as ever.

Up to 50% off our Autumn launch

Our new line launch comes with a very special offer for our Kinamara Kindred Spirits who we know have been waiting and watching the past few months.

By way of thanks, we are offering up to 50% off of our latest gear – an unmissable chance to get immersed in outdoor swimming’s leading gear. Need we add that there’s absolutely no compromise on the quality and strength of our Italian made outfits.

As so many of you tell us, even after a year and a half of regular wear, our swimsuits keep their shape and bright colours just as they were delivered.

So there! It’s great to be back. And for all of you who’ve followed us for the past year and a half, thank you for sticking by us. We appreciate your patience, and we hope you’ll click over to our store and check out the exciting new designs. Let us know what you think about the styles and the colours in the comments below.