“I do”. Designing Wedding Swimsuits for the Brockwell Bride and Groom

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Wedding Swimsuit KinaMara

How do you create a wedding swimsuit? When two good friends asked if we could design outfits for their big day, we jumped at the opportunity to come up with something special.

The bride and groom are both dedicated outdoor, all-year swimmers and they met for the very first time at Brockwell Lido in south London.

With a commission like this, it’s easy to get carried away. So, before we went too Enchantment Under the Sea, we asked them about their theme for the wedding. ‘Formal but fun’ was the message here. Traditional wedding white was an important element too, but they also chose a smoky blue fabric as an elegant contrast.

An angel-mermaid afloat on silver wings

Dawn, the creative brains behind KinaMara, imagined the bride as an angel-mermaid who had fallen in love with an unsuspecting seaman. She would be gliding through the water with silver wings keeping her afloat.

wedding swimsuit

Bride’s onepiece and wings

Getting this right required some effort. In the end, the wings were made from silver fabric which didn’t absorb the water and were weighted at the hem with some light piping cord. They also served as a “modesty” cape when she was out of the water.

A button of bling

What about the groom? As well as jammers, we wanted him to look the part. So, we designed a short-sleeved top which matched the design of the bride’s swimsuit. To make sure he didn’t upstage his wife-to-be, the only bling we allowed was a reflective button at the top of the “V” at the back.

wedding swimsuit

Groom, back, design

The groom’s swimming jammers were designed to give the impression of waves of water swirling around his legs, following the same inverted “V” of the onepiece and his top.

As a final touch, in both outfits, we sewed in reflective piping that followed the line of the main seams where the two colours met. This also added some subtle sparkle for any flash photography.

Wedding reflections

As well as being eye-catching, the bride and groom wanted to use the swimsuits after the wedding. So we made the ‘wings’ detachable, using the same lacy button loops common in wedding dress corsetry, sewed on to the edges of the cape. We then sewed 40 or so reflective buttons onto the neckline and upper straps of the swimsuit so that the wings could be attached or detached easily.

How did it go on the day itself? We were lucky enough to be there as guests of the bride and groom and it was wonderful to behold! Here are some photos taken of the ceremony at Brockwell Lido. The special couple paraded around the pool before leading the guests to the deep end where everyone jumped in before swimming down to the blessing in the shallows.

We’d love to know what you think of the designs, so if you want, drop us a note in the comments below.